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    Why a Root Canal is Preferred Over an Extraction

    When you have a tooth that has a bad cavity, it can be extremely painful and troublesome. There are a lot of dental treatments available for cavities, depending on where the cavity is located and how severe it might be. In some cases, the cavity may eat down into the root of the tooth, killing it. When this happens, the two most common treatments are a root canal or an extraction.

    How a Root Canal Preserves the Tooth

    In a root canal procedure, the dead tissue and bacteria around the cavity and tooth are removed while leaving the tooth in place. This is a fairly complex procedure, but it is performed with anesthetic so it is minimally painful or uncomfortable. The end result is that your tooth is still firmly planted in your mouth, but it is dead, meaning that it has no root going into the bone to keep it alive.

    Why Root Canal Is Better

    There are many reasons a dentist may want to do a root canal rather than an extraction. When you have a root canal, you keep the tooth. Having a missing tooth can cause your other teeth to migrate, changing your bite and affecting your ability to chew effectively. In addition, many dentists do everything they can to protect their patients’ smiles. Leaving the tooth in place preserves the natural smile to maintain your appearance.

    If you have a cavity near the root of the tooth and have been told you need an extraction, call our office today for an appointment. We will examine your tooth and determine if a root canal is possible or preferable. Contact us today for more information.

    Get our opinion BEFORE tooth extraction and dental implant. 

    We may be able to save your real tooth!

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