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    Three Common Mistakes After a Root Canal

    Having a root canal can seem like a daunting experience, but, overall, it is not too horrible. There are some important aftercare instructions that you will need to follow after a root canal to make sure that you do not damage your tooth or cause yourself undue pain. Here are three common mistakes that people make after a root canal.

    Eating or Drinking Before the Numbness Is Gone

    You should not try to eat or drink before the numbness is completely gone from your mouth. The pain and discomfort that you might have after the numbness wears off should be minimal and shouldn’t prevent you from eating. If you try to eat before the numbness is gone, you risk harming the tooth, biting your cheek or tongue, or causing other damage that you can’t feel.

    Chewing or Biting Down on the Tooth

    The tooth that was treated with the root canal is not actually finished when you leave the dentist’s office. Your mouth needs to heal from the root canal for at least a few days before you have a crown placed on the affected tooth. Until that crown is placed, the tooth is weak and could be easily damaged. Make sure that you do not chew on the side of your mouth where the root canal took place and be careful not to bite down on the tooth at all.

    Failing to Resume Oral Hygiene

    You will have some minor pain and discomfort after a root canal, and dental pain is always an incentive not to follow up with brushing and flossing. Yet this is the worst thing you can do. Make sure that regardless of how you are feeling that you continue to brush and floss appropriately from the day of your root canal. Keeping your mouth clean is important for fighting off potential infection.

    If you have been putting off a root canal because you’re worried about the consequences, allow us to put your mind at ease. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

    Get our opinion BEFORE tooth extraction and dental implant. 

    We may be able to save your real tooth!

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