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What Is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You?

Your body is a carefully orchestrated system designed to send signals when something is out of balance. This is why most health conditions cause symptoms that can be used to diagnose the disease and direct treatment.

As medicine becomes more and more advanced, we have come to understand that a person’s oral health is directly correlated to other health problems. Pay attention, because your mouth could be trying to tell you something.

Do You Avoid Showing Your Teeth in Public?

Many people smile with closed lips, hiding their mouths behind their hands. Some avoid certain social situations altogether due to a feeling of embarrassment and discomfort with their teeth. This could be from missing teeth, dark and stained teeth, or accelerated decay.

If you refuse to show your teeth or smile, this behavior is a clear message that you need cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to restore a healthy, attractive mouth. This is especially important for older adults who might be losing important social interactions due to embarrassment. Research indicates that older adults without regular social interactions have a 59 percent greater risk of functional decline over time.

Is Your Mouth Constantly Dry?

Dry mouth isn’t an accident. It often occurs as a result of poor oral health or an underlying medical condition. Dry mouth is defined by cracked lips, a sticky feeling in the mouth or throat, trouble swallowing or speaking, and gum irritation. The most common cause of dry mouth is the use of certain medications, cancer therapy, and smoking.

If you are constantly waging a war against dry mouth, your dentist can help you choose special products designed to improve saliva in the mouth. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, reducing reliance on medication, and eating saliva-inducing foods can all help as well.

Are Your Gums Bleeding?

If you regularly find signs of blood in your toothpaste, it’s important to understand what might be causing your gums to bleed. For most people, bleeding gums are the mouth’s way of telling you that you have gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. When plaque on your teeth and at your gum line is not properly removed, gingivitis causes the gums to become swollen, tender, and more prone to bleeding.

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