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May is Time for Root Canal Awareness

For the past ten years, the beginning of May has marked Root Canal Awareness Week, a time when the American Association of Endodontists comes together with patients, endodontists, and general dentists to raise awareness about the role that endodontists play in dental health and remind the public that a root canal is no longer a procedure to fear.

Why Are Root Canals So Important?

Natural teeth are susceptible to cavities and decay, which is why brushing and flossing are such important components of daily oral care. Nonetheless, it’s common for teeth to succumb to decay and infection, both of which cause extensive pain and discomfort in the mouth. Some decay and infection can be resolved and reversed, but many people eventually find themselves facing imminent tooth loss. The root canal process helps to preserve natural teeth and prevent extraction by removing the tooth’s inflamed and infected pulp and filling the canal with a safe and durable material, gutta-percha, to protect the tooth from future contamination.

Without the root canal process, infected teeth could only be resolved through extraction, which would force millions of Americans to live without a full set of teeth.  

Technology Has Transformed the Root Canal Procedure

The term “root canal” was long synonymous with anything that felt painful and miserable, but modern technology has changed all of that. One of the biggest goals of Root Canal Awareness Week is to help the public understand that root canals are not the painful and frightening ordeals they once were. In fact, thanks to numbing agents and efficient technology, patients don’t feel a thing while they undergo a root canal. After the root canal is completed, tooth pain is eliminated and patients can continue to enjoy a full, beautiful smile.

If your own tooth pain is making it difficult to chew, talk, or smile, it’s time to call Citrus Endodontics in Tampa, Florida to begin a simple and painless root canal process. Dr. Demirjian always provides the highest standard of care in Citrus Endodontics’ comfortable, friendly environment. You can make your first appointment by calling (813) 374-2290 or (813) 570-6887.

Get our opinion BEFORE tooth extraction and dental implant. 

We may be able to save your real tooth!

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