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How to Care for Your Mouth After a Root Canal

No one really wants to get dental work done, and a root canal is no different. How you care for your mouth after a root canal can have a direct effect on your healing process, your pain level, and swelling you may experience. To make sure you do not cause additional dental issues or have additional pain, follow these steps to care for your mouth after a root canal.

Wait for the Numbing to Wear Off

You will have some numbing of your mouth for several hours after your procedure. It is important that you do not try to chew or drink hot beverages until the numbing has worn off. Chewing while you still have little feeling in the affected area of your mouth could cause you to do damage that you won’t feel until later. Additionally, hot beverages may burn your mouth without you realizing it. Stick to cold beverages until full feeling has returned.

Take Ibuprofen Right Away

Taking ibuprofen before the numbing agent wears off is proven to decrease initial pain and swelling. You should take the ibuprofen within an hour of your root canal so it has time to take effect before the numbing agent dissolves completely. This will also help the inflammation. You can also take any prescription painkillers your dentist has prescribed you. If you were prescribed an antibiotic, you should continue taking that as prescribed as well.

Foods to Avoid

You should avoid any foods that are sticky or particularly hard until you get your crown and the pain in your mouth is eased. This will help keep the temporary filling in place. You should also attempt to chew only on the unaffected side of your mouth if possible.

As you can see, caring for your mouth after a root canal is fairly easy to do, and you shouldn’t have any additional problems if you follow these steps. If you may need a root canal, contact our office today for an appointment and comprehensive exam.

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